July 18th 1pm until 7pm - Preston Park

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If you are planning to attend Brighton Green Pride 2019 then we recommend you make suitable travel arrangements. There is limited parking available on site and it gets full very quickly in the summer. We would also like to inform you that there will be an increase in traffic police who will be looking for individuals that they believe are drug driving. Therefore please be sensible and use alternative transport methods such as public transport. If you are traveling on public transport then we highly recommend you use smell proof bagging or packaging.

1. Preston Park Train Station – a 5-10-minute walk from the park is ideal for those coming from London and the surrounding area. However there may be a higher presence of police and rail enforcement officers than usual, so please remember to smell-proof anything you may be bringing for personal consumption.

2. London Road Train Station – a 10-15 minute walk to Preston Park which is ideal for those looking for a lower police presence when leaving the station.

3. Brighton Train Station – a 15-20 minute walk to Preston Park suited to those that feel comfortable travelling through a station with a high volume of traffic.

4. Car Parks away from the Park – Use these and walk or get a bus to the park. https://en.parkopedia.co.uk/parking/brighton_preston_park/?arriving=201906111930&leaving=201906112130

5. BUSES – The 5, 5A, 17 & 91 all stop at Preston Park on their routes. If you park in town or live locally please use local public transport.

We are interested in the safety of all our attendees and these are our recommendations for traveling.

We maintain communication with the local law enforcement and council leading up to the event to ensure the safety of all attendees. In doing so we would like to provide you with some basic advice to minimise the chances of getting in trouble with law enforcement on the day.

If you are under 18 we recommend you DO NOT attend unless accompanied by an adult. The police are very strict with groups of minors attending and you will be dealt with by PCSO’s and most likely your parents will be called. So this is why we recommend you do not attend if under the age of 18.

The police’s focus is based heavily on safeguarding and security of attendees, this is their main concern.

The Police will be following the three step rule which is loosely based on the 5 step rule used at other protests and demonstrations. I will outline it below.

  • Comply – When asked to do something by a police officer the first thing they would like you to do is comply with their request.
  • Reasoning – If you do not comply they will try and reason with you.
  • Action – If you have failed the above steps, they will take action. This could end up in a caution or charge and the police will make the decision based on the circumstances.

The police will be allowing a process where if an attendee feels worried they might be searched by police or that the police are planning to intervene, that person can surrender small amounts of cannabis without prosecution. If you are concerned about talking to a PCSO/PC directly then you can approach a member of our steward team who will be in a high visibility jacket. They will be liaising with the police using a buddy system.

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